Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tyrone & Bird-Shit's E-mail: Part 2

Bird-Shit: I found a onesie I want to get the new baby...Does Stupid Baby still fit in 6 month stuff? I still have that onesie for him. I feel bad I haven't sent it out yet. LOL
Tyrone: Yeah, he can still wear that size. Most of his onesies are still 0-3 mos. I just like them to fit tighter b/c then they don't bunch up.
Bird-Shit: LOL does he get baby camel toe!!!
Tyrone: Nah, he looks more like Ru Paul b/c his junk is all tucked up inside. LOL
Bird-Shit: LOL he's already a tucker!
Tyrone: He even wears thong diapers. LOL
Bird-Shit: LOL I would hate to see what happens when he has to poop
Tyrone: It's like those Playdo hair salons where you press down and it squishes thru the tiny holes. LOL
Bird-Shit: unless it's explosive, then it just looks like an ink blot test...
Tyrone: Hmm...fluffy bunnies in a meadow of flowers...LOL
Bird-Shit: who just ran through shit
Tyrone: Aw, man, it's all over my shoe!
Bird-Shit: as long as you weren't wearing flip flops and it's not in between your toes! lol
Tyrone: Or jellies...
Bird-Shit: or crocks...or as my mom calls them crunks!
Tyrone: Let's get crunked up! LOL
Bird-Shit: MMMM HMMMM…..


Grand Pooba said...

Oh my god, the play dough analogy was the highlight for me lol!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

We couldn't afford play dough when I was growing up, so we actually used shit instead. You have to dry it out a little first, and then add some flour, but it actually works pretty well. It's only available in a range of browns and tans, though, so that's a bummer.

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

GP - The play dough analogy was actually a lowlight for me because I was about to eat my lunch and that Stupid Baby and his explosive baby ass ruined it! lol!

MWJ - When it eventually dries out you can crumble the petrified feces up and use it as sand...the fun never ends folks!!!